Sewer cleaning is an important factor in maintaning any pipeline system. Over time, sewer and storm lines inevitably become clogged with sludge, silt and debris, hindering proper function of the sewer or storm system and causing the pipelines to be inefficient. Furthermore, a clogged pipeline can increase environmental pollution, inflate treatment costs, and place an added burden on treatment plants.

Our team of experts will use the latest technology to properly assess and perform even the toughest sewer cleaning job. The combination of our high pressure water jetting and  high powered vacuum systems of our vac trucks removes sludge, debris, dirt, concrete, wood, rocks, and sewage waste efficiently from your
pipeline system.

In addition to our sewer cleaning services, AUS
pipeline and sewer contractors provide a number of
other services;

  • - Slip Lining
  • - Manhole Rehab
  • - Grouting Smoke Testing
  • - Flow Monitoring

A clogged sewer can permanently damage the sewage pipeline system and lead to costly repairs, so AUS team  recommends regular sewer and storm cleaning as part of a preventive maintenance program.

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sewer servicing tv ferret sewer servicing
We can send our team of pipeline maintenance experts to the site to perform an inspection as well as recommend any sewer repair or manhole rehabilitation services that can protect the sewer system from future damage.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you or to schedule a sewer cleaning.