We offer color video inspection of sewer and storm drain lines from 2 inches to 6 feet in diameter.  Our Push Cameras can video 2 inch lines up to 200 feet. All our video inspections provide you with DVD with on screen footage and an address of the location being inspected.

With our Mainline Video Inspection Systems, we can inspect up to 1,000 linear feet from a single manhole entry point. All are inspections are recorded using a NASSCO certified PACP software. This type of software allows the user to customize reports using still photos, video and various printed reports. These small, self-propelled cameras quickly assess the condition of the piping and provide real-time feedback to experienced camera operators. Then, once the problem areas have been identified, a point repair system is used to make the necessary repairs within the pipe.

We utilize both truck mounted and portable inspection units. The portable units operate off its own independent power pack which make them well suited for easement or hard to reach locations.

Call today to learn more about the benefits of video pipeline inspection and the other  services provided by AUS. Whether you’re in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut  or Pennsylvania, AUS can help to ensure your piping infrastructure will operate efficiently and reliably for years to come.

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